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Full-stack developer - Summer job

About us and our vision

Metaito is a Norwegian startup located in Trondheim, Norway. It was founded February 2019 to develop and commercialize Factsplat, an innovative service that allows individuals to organize their digital resources in clear and flexible structures to enhance their browsing experience. For businesses, it is a management, collaboration and productivity tool that provides teams and individuals with a shared overview of resources, tools and workflows, helping them to efficiently execute their work processes.

Factsplat was developed in response to the lack of structure on the internet, and the increasing amount of tools and information. Our goal is to give people the capacity to filter, select, organize and share information flows that are relevant to them and their peers. We want to improve the world by making people more deliberate and aware of their use of tools and services on the internet.

The team now consists of three people. Factsplat has about 60 daily active users and several hot customer leads. We are looking for students who have the potential to become proficient full-stack developers. Learning, well-being and personal development are important focus areas for us. The summer job could be extended to a part-time or full-time position.

About the technology

Factsplat has been developed using modern cutting-edge technologies, which has enabled us to build stable software that is ready for rapid development and continuous improvement. The tech stack consists of the following technologies:

  • Vue.js: Our frontend was developed using Vue.js and the Nuxt.js framework. It is relatively easy to learn, and provides powerful yet simple capabilities. The frontend a separate application and communicates with the backend through a REST API. The application can be used as a PWA (Progressive Web App), opening up possibilities for utilizing native functionality on mobile phones.

  • Elixir: The backend was developed using Elixir and the Phoenix Framework. It has several advantages, such as fast prototyping, happy developers, impeccable fault tolerance, scalability and powerful concurrency. Elixir is used by Discord to power their real-time channels.

  • PostgreSQL: Used as our main database. PostgreSQL is open-source, fast, easy to set up, and supports json columns so we can store documents.

  • Neo4j: A graph database that provides valuable supporting data to our system. It is used for permission management and connections between users, groups and organizations.

About the position

Main contributions and responsibilities:

  • Participating in the development of Factsplat, from ideas to production.

  • Participating in product-related discussions: development process, feature prioritization, software architecture, etc.

  • Working in a cross-functional team.


  • You are passionate about full-stack development and have some experience (not necessarily with our stack).

  • You want to learn and contribute to the development of a great product.

  • You are interested in innovation and technology, and attracted by the startup environment.

  • You can work independently.

Benefits and conditions

  • Salary: 15 000 - 25 000 NOK/month.

  • Type of contract: Summer job, full-time. (Part-time is also possible).

  • Location: Trondheim.

  • Starting date: June 2022 (flexible).

  • Duration: ~2 months.

Why us?

  • You will work in one of Trondheim’s most exciting and ambitious startups.

  • We work in a fulfilling environment. You will learn new things and acquire new skills.

  • You will be part of a cross-functional team that works on all aspects of the product, both from technical and business points of view.

  • The summer job could be extended to a full-time or part-time position.

For more information or questions please contact us at [email protected] or phone number 45882787.

Om Metaito

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