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Schibsted Connect - student mentor program

Hi there, you brilliant student!

Just thinking out loud; what if we had a door that opens up the knowledge, competence and the smart brains of a company that has 183 years of experience? What would you even do with that opportunity? Maybe invent something, or climb onto the next big stage of your career?

Schibsted Connect is that door – your door to career insight and new contacts. It is a buddy program where you will be connected with one of our Schibsted colleagues. Through monthly meetings, you will both share thoughts, ideas, and experiences. We encourage you to ask us anything , and in return we get to pick your ultra-modern brain.

This is not a traineeship or an internship. Schibsted Connect is an informal way of establishing connections and initiating conversations between people. We mentor you, and you mentor us. We share knowledge and grow together!

Om Schibsted

Schibsted is an international family of digital consumer brands with more than 5 000 employees. We have world-class media houses in  Scandinavia, leading marketplaces, and digital services that empower consumers. Millions of people interact with Schibsted companies every day.

What we do

Our corporate social responsibility is closely linked to our mission of “Empowering people in their daily lives”, our values, and our core business. We believe that we, together with our users, can contribute to a more sustainable society in what we do every day.

  • We empower people by providing transparent and secure marketplaces.
  • We empower them by creating services that provide them with better deals.
  • We empower them by defending freedom of the press and editorial integrity.

Nordic Marketplaces
Connecting millions of buyers and sellers every month, we provide leading online marketplaces in the Nordics.
Our digital marketplaces such as, help people buy and sell new and old things.

Within Next we drive growth and create value for Schibsted’s customers and users. Our four areas Growth, Financial Services, Next Media, and Distribution, will secure that innovation prevails as part of Schibsted’s DNA.

News Media
As the largest media group in Scandinavia, our world-class media houses continue to shape the media landscape of today – and tomorrow.
In Scandinavia, our media houses such as VG, Aftenposten, Bergens Tidende, Aftonbladet and Svenska Dagbladet keep people informed and updated on important issues in society.

We believe that the secret to our users’ engagement lies in truly understanding their future needs. This means that we need to know what kind of tools and services people really want and need to make their life easier. We express these ambitions in our mission and our vision. This guides everything we do from our R&D, to new business ventures, recruitment policy and running our everyday business.

Mission: “Empowering people in their daily lives”

We rely on our core values

Four statements guide us on a daily basis:
We have integrity: Our company is based on a long tradition of independent news, information and transparent marketplaces. Trustworthiness and quality are absolutely essential – people must be able to trust all our products and services.

We are innovative: We embrace innovation, it’s at our core. We always put users’ needs first – we go the extra mile. Innovation can be anything from a brilliant new concept to a minor, but no less important, improvement in how we do things.

We are a team: We believe in a friendly and open attitude. We also believe in the strength of people and competencies coming together to achieve something great. The companies in our group can reach far better results together than alone.

We are here to win: We must always strive to be better than our competitors at understanding our customers and markets – that’s the key to our continued success.

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