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Western Bulk is seeking curious and highly dedicated trainees to join its commercial teams. 

Western Bulk is seeking trainees for both Operations and Chartering roles in our Commercial Teams.

The Operations role ensures the smooth and efficient performance of each voyage/vessel and will involve the following responsibilities:

  • Closely involved in day-to-day management and follow-up of voyages, such as ordering bunkers, chemicals, and equipment. Preparing voyage orders for the ship, agency appointments, coordinating cargo intake and weather routing etc.
  • Monitoring and optimising vessel performance at sea
  • Liaising with all parties involved such as Master, owners, agents, charterers, brokers etc.
  • Responsible for freight, laytime and demurrage as well as collection of outstandings.
  • Handling disputes and challenges that may arise while the voyage is ongoing and after.

The Chartering role will involve the following:

  • Source and execute vessel and cargo contracts in the market
  • Develop and grow trade strategies
  • Maintain and evolve customer relationships
  • Business Development

Trainees in Western Bulk are given challenges and responsibilities from day one. All trainees will start out in one of our eight Commercial Teams learning vessel operations, and after about one year, trainees start to specialise in either operations or chartering. We are looking for new colleagues who can demonstrate the following qualities and qualifications:

Common characteristics important for both Operations and Chartering roles:

  • Highly commercial with a strong entrepreneurial spirit
  • Like to take initiative, set ambitious goals and to be held accountable for their actions
  • Ability to easily connect with and relate to people of diverse cultural backgrounds
  • Good with pattern recognition, numbers and with an interest to apply IT tools to assist your decision-making
  • Self-driven and with the ability to work independently and proactively
  • Rare talent for negotiation and for building and maintaining relationships
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Excellent written and verbal English skills. Proficiency in other major languages can be an advantage.
  • Bachelor’s degree or higher level of education
  • 0-3-year work experience, not necessarily from shipping

Characteristics especially important to succeed in the Chartering role:

  • Reliable and resilient with a strong ability to bounce back after setbacks
  • Unafraid to challenge status quo

Characteristics especially important to succeed in the Operations role:

  • Structured approach to work tasks, appreciates working both independently and collaborating with external contacts to resolve challenges as they arise.
  • Understands the implications of influencing factors on the margins of a voyage.

Western Bulk can offer a result-driven, transparent and highly flexible workplace with a flat structure and progressive culture that reflects the Scandinavian heritage of the company. The positions will be stationed in Oslo or any of WB’s other offices.  Starting date will be in August 2023.

Om Western Bulk

Western Bulk (WB) is an asset-light dry bulk operator and freight trader, operating a fleet of about 100 -150 Panamax, Supramax and Handysize vessels. The company combines highly commercial trading skills with technology, advanced analytics and risk management to succeed in an extremely competitive and global shipping market.

WB seeks to offer flexible, high-quality ocean freight services to its customers, leveraging on its global trading pattern, relationships and operational expertise. Through its constant presence in the various regional and local freight markets, WB gains valuable market intelligence that it uses to take positions in the market – trying to identify and benefit from short term price variations, trend breaks and arbitrage opportunities. Moreover, value is created by constantly seeking to optimise the scheduling of vessels and cargoes, reducing ballast time and finding ways to operate voyages as efficiently as possible.

Each of WB's eight Commercial Teams operate as decentralized profit centres, using ships, cargoes and derivatives for directional play and arbitrage in the market. Risk management is a central part of WB's trading model, and the company also invests heavily in the use of technology and advanced analytics for decision support and market forecasting.

Western Bulk is headquartered in Oslo, and has offices in Singapore, Dubai, Seattle, Santiago (Chile), Casablanca (Morocco) and Copenhagen.

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